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MegaSun 8000 Alpha Hybrid


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MegaSun 8000 Alpha Hybrid


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The megaSun 8000 series radiates to the outside and works inside with state-of-the-art technology. It combines the advantages of different spectral variants, consisting of modern tubes and intelligent control in conjunction with the Intelligent Control System. 

It imitates natural sunlight with all its effects on body and mind - from classic-decent to Caribbean-intensive. 70 beautyBooster HyperRed regulate the moisture content of the skin and stimulate natural collagen formation - the number one anti-aging agent. The result: Wrinkles disappear and the skin appears firmer and youthful fresh.

Rated power min / max:  8,020 W / 15,000 W Weight:  approx. 620 kg (with air conditioner)

Suntan Tech are trustworthy, hardworking, and go above and beyond to help. We are now on a monthly maintenance contract and I cannot recommend them highly enough! Suntan Tech Testimonial