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DARK SUN Speed ​​Bronzing Foam - 175ml with DHA self-tanner

DARK SUN Speed ​​Bronzing Foam - 175ml with DHA self-tanner


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Dark Sun Speed ​​Bronzing Foam for Face & Body helps the skin to convert as much of the UV radiation as possible into pigment formation with the Melano Gold tanning accelerator. Gives your skin a fresh, intensely radiant and sporty, attractive tan.

Dark Sun Speed ​​Bronzing Foam also contains the self-tanner dihydroxyacetone (DHA). DHA colors the proteins of the top skin layer brown even without UV light and thus quickly increases the tan. However, unlike natural melanin, DHA tan does not offer skin protection against UV radiation.

Dark Sun Speed ​​Bronzing Foam supports the formation of a pleasant tan in three ways:

  • Finished melanin and caramel color the skin immediately, making it easier to apply the light mousse structure evenly.

  • Tyrosine and acetyltyrosine provide the starting material for melanin synthesis under UV light through the enzyme tyrosinase, which is also contained

  • Monk's pepper berry extract with its plant-based beta-endorphin-like ingredients stimulates melanin synthesis even without UV radiation, in order to continue the tanning process for as long as possible.

In addition, aloe vera gives the skin gentle care with plenty of moisture.

Does not contain sun protection factor.

175 ml aerosol

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